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He promised to change the way Washington works

Country more divided now than underBush

citizens, the response to Hurricane Katrina and the president cowboy attitude when canada goose outlet it came to canada goose outlet international relations.

When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, we canada goose outlet edmonton were told things would change. Candidate Obama promised a new era of bipartisanship. He promised to change the way Washington works. A tall order for sure, but a lot of people believed it could happen.

canada goose factory sale Fast forward two years and in many ways this country seems more divided than ever. For starters, critics say the administration is insular and out of touch with most Americans. The same thing many said about Bush. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose sale Also, they say the president promises of bipartisanship fell flat, with the Democrats pushing through controversial legislation like health care reform with few, if any, Republicans on board. Canada Goose sale

canada goose uk outlet Many Americans are now opposed to what this president has done, including health care, the stimulus bill and record government spending. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose clearance Some are so disgusted with what going on in Washington that a whole new political movement has been born. In many ways, it seems like the phenomenon that is the Tea Party sprung up in reaction to President Obama policies. canada goose clearance

canada goose black friday sale And, as the country votes today in the midterms, it an election that been marked by angry, nasty ads and personal attacks between the political parties, which seem to be worse than ever. canada goose black friday sale

uk canada goose Here’s my question to you: In less than two years, does it https://www.zoetermeerinbeeld.nl seem the country has become even more divided than it was during the Bush years? uk canada goose

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Yes, we are a more divided country than ever before. We spent 8 years under George Bush hoping that things would get better when he was gone. The deepening division has come because we expected canada goose uk black friday things to get better immediately with a new president. The damage to our country is so canada goose outlet jackets deep that we cannot expect repairs overnight. It will take years to get back to the Clinton days of optimism and hope for the future.

I say we are not as divided as one would think; most of us are still in the center. We have been here through Bush and now Obama but neither one has connected to us. I am not so sure Bush was even worried about connecting with us and I think Obama is stunned that he hasn writes:

I frankly don’t believe this country will stand much longer. I expect a revolution. We’re divided into two factions the poor and the wealthy, with no middle class anymore.

canada goose clearance sale When we create the jobs, we also destroy the demons. Then a great new day will be ushered in! canada goose clearance sale

From what I see on TV, my answer would be yes. But yesterday, I attended a Democratic rally canada goose factory outlet for Scott Murphy with Former President Bill Clinton. One thing impressed me the most, civility. Directly across from The Democratic Rally, his opponents had their own area to support their candidate. At no time did I hear a nasty comment or see any inkling of impolite behavior. Are we divided? Yes. Can we be civil? Yes. Is it as extreme as it was during the Bush years? In some areas, yes.

I can remember a president that has used the term other side or other guys more than this one. How can that possibly be an effective way to build bridges or as was promised?

I think we are certainly more divided today. In the final years of the previous administration, our country was united in opposition to Bush.

Big time. Obama policies have created a polarization: big government vs. small government; tax and spend vs. fiscal conservancy; higher taxes vs. lower taxes; free market vs. government control; capitalism vs. redistribution of wealth; socialism vs. capitalism. Most people did not care during the McCain Obama campaign; they just wanted a change from Bush. Obama was not required, nor did anyone ask, to discuss his policies and programs. All people heard was the word, Had people seen what was ahead, Obama would not have been elected.

The division, while it exists, is amplified by the loud and obnoxious on both sides who view politics and participation in democracy as another form of Ultimate Fighting. We RED, you BLUE, our side is better, blah, blah, blah. The devastating reality of it all is that while average Americans (and below average politicians) argue with each other over ideology, the multinational corporate conglomerates are covertly moving in to to make us all equal in our subjegation of the might moneyed. I reminded of a line from Martin Scorseces, of New York, when Boss Tweed tells a colleague (and I paraphrase), you want to keep power, just keep half of the poor people fighting the other half. What I canada goose outlet in montreal am most angry at him about is that he allowed the resurgence of the Republicans who, after the Bush years, should have become irrelevant, but his extending an olive branch to them made him appear weak and very misguided in his politics. The worst of it is that it was actually the Republicans that watered down everything he did get passed but he has failed in even conveying that to the American people. He was given a mandate and he squandered it.

Our country has become a political football where the society now feels as if the Democrats didn move the ball down the field enough so they are punting the ball away to the Republicans. If they can give them a few first downs at least in the next two years, they too may be the equivalent of three and out. What I do believe is that, for better or worse, Americans are holding up the 1950 style economy as the chief role model for how an economy should be. It may now be easier said than done to return to a model where getting a good job within a good company can nearly guarantee lifetime security, but untill that happens the political football will likely continue to be passed around with neither side able to reach the goal line.

Yes, this country is canada goose outlet vancouver more divided than before. The people were promised transparency and bipartisanship and got secrecy. For example, the health care reform bill was done behind closed doors and with democratic leaders only. Once the bill was brought forward Republicans Democrats alike were opposed and voiced the concerns of their respective constituents only to be ignored as well as the majority of this country. Republicans were labeled as obstructionist and Democrats were strong armed into voting. YEs my friends, this divide the country more than the Bush era.

President Obama has done a lot more than the far right had hoped he would have been able to do in 21 months. He prevented a total collapse of the financial sector, signed into law new reforms for Wall Street, provided health care for millions of Americans, created the biggest tax break for the middle class in decades, created more jobs in the first two months of 2010 than all of Bush 8 years. I guess these changes have left out some special interest groups and many wealthy Americans (Tea Party folk) who are afraid this may cost them a few extra tax dollors Where is your patriotism? Don you want what is good for America?. Peter, Elgin, Illinois

When the President of the US campaigns to his base by asking them to vote so he can punish his enemies and reward his friends, you have departed far from anything said by George Bush. Obama is deliberately trying to divide the country so he will have an excuse why he can work with Republicans or anyone who has an opinion different from his. Unfortunately, this approach just creates more enemies for him, not less, and reduces the ranks of those who trust him as a force for the country. This vs. them or mentality is what made Jimmy Carter a one termer and Obama seems to be heading down the same path.

This part is disingenuous: the Democrats pushing through controversial legislation like health care reform with few, if any, Republicans on board. of the health care bill were ideas actually proposed by Republicans. Perhaps you should ask why would Republicans vote against a bill that they themselves would like to pass? The answer of course is that Republicans today vote against almost everything, because making Obama and America fail is their plan to get back in power. And their plan is working.

In fact, the main reason so many Americans are against the bill is because it a giant gift, to the insurance industry. Medicare for all would be a real solution that would force the insurance industry to get super efficient.

Yes, I think it has. People seem to want instant solutions to all of our problems but don want to give up any of the entitlements that the government provides. We face many problems and many difficult choices will have to be made and we must all share the pain of getting our house in order. If our elected officials cannot learn to work together

Canada Goose online I am truly afraid of what lies ahead for our country. Remember this If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got Canada Goose online

Wednesday will bring changes in the faces in Washington, but I doubt that it will bring changes in our divided country.

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